lørdag, 29. juli 2017, Aarhus, Stella Polaris 2017 - Aarhus

fra 29. juli 2017 - 12:00 indtil 21:00
DenmarkAarhusPeter Holms Vej8000
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1440 personer, der deltager
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This is the official Facebook-event for Stella Polaris 2017.
Please join and invite the friends you want to spend a sunny day in the park with.

Stella Polaris 2017 - Aarhus
Botanisk Have
Saturday, July 29
12.00 - 21.00

Free Admission

Stella Polaris could not exist without our fantastic crew. Do you want to participate?
Read more and join here: https://StellaPolaris.lnk.to/Crew2017

Instagram: http://instagram.com/stellapolarisdk

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/stellapolarisdk
Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/StellaPolarisDK/
Spotify: https://stellapolaris.lnk.to/spotify
Web: http://www.stella-polaris.dk/

#stellapolaris #stellamoment

Line up:
Coming soon!
We will keep you updated as soon as acts are confirmed for 2017.

Artwork: Die Goldkinder
About Stella Polaris:

Stella Polaris, probably the biggest outdoor chill-out event in world , is named after the bright North Star. It is a free outdoor music event that takes place annually in the beginning of August. It is one of the most popular traditions of the summer months that unfolds in picturesque inner city parks around the country and attracts a large mixed crowd of all types and ages.

The unique electronic one-day festival has survived the occasional nondescript drizzle and even a year of heavy rain and strange hail showers, but somehow the clouds seem to disappear as soon as the music starts to play, and most years the event is bathed in blissful, sizzling sunshine, the atmosphere in the park reaching paradisiacal heights.

The crowd is a great mix of discerning electronic feinschmeckers, happy families with playing children, intoxicated after parties, smooching couples sharing kisses and cool white wine and the odd surprised group who just happened to walk by and decided to stay. Most of the people are between 20 and 30 years old.

Stella Polaris pleases every sense with great downbeat electronic music in the most beautiful setting

Stella Polaris 2017 - Aarhus, Aarhus begivenhed

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