søndag, 10. november 2019, Fanefjord Kirkevej 35, Breath and Ice | A vibrational journey within

fra 10. november 2019 - 11:00 indtil 15:00

Fanefjord Kirkevej 35

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Breath & Ice | A vibrational journey within
Location: Fanefjord Kirkevej 35, 4792 Askeby, Danmark
Time: 11-15.00
Price: 550 DKK
We welcome you to this journey of:
* Breathwork
* Sound Healing
* Ice Meditation

Conscious breathing techniques brings you to higher states of awareness within yourself and the surrounding environment. Simple and accessible techniques, such as breathwork, help you to control your stress levels, building a secure pathway to working with emotional trauma and mental debris. On the physiological level, it is a literal ‘cleanse’ of the body - detoxifying and regenerating every cell through the circulation of oxygen.
Benefits of conscious breathwork
* Increases your focus, performance, sleep and recovery

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* Self-healing and trauma release
* Switch the nervous system from sympathetic (fight or flight) mode, to parasympathetic (rest and digest) mode
Sound healing with gongs and crystals is an ancient method of working on a cellular level to attune anything which has been out of balance; It leads to entrainment which harmonises our brainwaves. The magical tool of sound and vibration guides you into a subtle secure space of clarity, awareness and heightened peaks of creativity.
Benefits of sound healing
* Deep relaxation
* Improve blood flow and circulation
* Rebalance your chakra system
❄The Wim Hof Method: Breath, cold, and commitment. Discover how your breath influences your direct experience of life. Gradual cold exposure is an important part of the Wim Hof Method. Although it may seem counterintuitive, the conscious steps of putting yourself into an uncomfortable situation - are actually beneficial for both your mind and your body❄
*Slowly, incorporate cold showers into your daily routine, as this takes strength and dedication. In your own practice gradually build up towards the duration and intensity.
* On our journeys, we go through a specific protocol to prepare you for the ‘optional’ ice bath experience.
❄Benefits of cold exposure
* Increased willpower and weight loss
* Higher level of alertness at reduced stress levels
* More robust immune response
Victor Goenka:
I am a psychologist, dietician, breath coach and Wim Hof Method instructor. I guide people on journeys assisting them to find peace and tranquillity in moments of extreme discomfort. In order to make effective decisions in the most critical situations in life, it is important to be in touch with your natural stress responses so that you can interact with the surrounding people and environment at your highest potential. Simple and accessible techniques which I practice and teach, helped me overcome my intense moments of stress, depression and even drug abuse. From a perspective in psychology I teach and blend these methods with unique sounds and meditative journeys. I believe that conscious breath is one of the next paradigm shift in humanity.
Christina Colding:
Breathwork and sound healing are pillars in my life. I have changed countries and continents over the past 20 years and now feel ready to share the experience returning to my roots. I believe the true gift in life is to be able to look within. And connecting with higher states of consciousness through breath and sound. I have experience in many ancient techniques such as Vipassana meditation, women circles, indigenous therapies and many more, but the simple methods which I can practice regularly are the ones which eases the path in this precious life. “A course in miracle has been the most beautiful and humble journey which opens the path to Love.”

Bring: mats/blankets/pillows and anything you need to make the journey comfortable.
Swim wear and towel for optional ice bath.
We serve hot drinks and snacks.
Direct reservations: christina@divine-vibrations.com
Mobilepay: +45 91972072 | Christina Colding
Online reservation:
Breath & Ice | A vibrational journey within
Location: Fanefjord Kirkevej 35, 4792 Askeby, Danmark
Time: 11-15.00
Price: 550 DKK

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