torsdag, 28. november 2019, Copenhagen FinTech Lab, Disrupting Leadership: Leadership and Values

fra 28. november 2019 - 9:30 indtil 12:00

Copenhagen FinTech Lab

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Join us at this presentation, where you will learn more about how your leadership is formed by the inner dynamic of your individual values. 
We have all or individual relation and understanding of different values like Power, Freedom, Loyalty, Care and Quality. This very individual relationship to the values, will be expressed in the way to communicate, lead, build team, create results, solve conflicts etc. By understanding your own relationship with profound values you will stand stronger in your personal brand and you will be able to build teams, which are standing shoulder by shoulder and supporting important values from the same perspective. In this workshop you will get a deeper understanding of your own values and why you sometimes succeed with building powerful teams, and why it at other times is more difficult
Your personal and professional outcome:
• You will investigate your own personal relationship with values like Power, Freedom, Loyalty, Care and Quality. By investigating these values you will get a deeper understanding of the inner power and inner conflicts between your values and how to express your values as a leader.
• You will work with value-hierarchies and learn about your inner organization of values, while also getting ideas on how to use the value-work within your team.
• You will explore a special designed communication tool for exploring and working with values.
• You will also learn about how values cannot be invented or implemented as they are already a part of the everyday culture. Instead you can build a higher awareness about the values, understanding the inner power and conflict between values and build new skills and cultures supporting the most essential and beneficial values. About the presenter:
In more than two decades Flemming Christensen have integrated different disciplines as psychology, leadership, teamwork and philosophy to support the needed change, innovation and transformation within teams and organizations. He is author of 15 books certified by The Enneagram Institute, New Ventures West, The Leadership Circle and professor Ole Fogh Kirkeby. He has studied integral leadership at Notre Dame University, Somatic Leadership at Strozzi Institute, Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan. Flemming is also a zen-buddhist and studies with his teacher in San Francisco.
The topics:
• Values and the relationship to values, including the nature of a value and how we can have different relationships to the same value.
• Value-hierarchies, including how you work with the essential values (virtues) and the supporting values (practices).
• Protreptic as a form of conversation, including how you use the special form of conversation to develop yourself and others while extracting the individual importance and meaning in the value.
• The practical approach, including recommendation to working with values, how to build a deeper understanding on the values in the team, department or the organization and how to make the values support the overall strategy. Audience
Leaders of teams who are responsible for initiating, supporting, drive and building the team-culture where everyone are supporting the common values and HR-professionals who are responsible for supporting their leaders in the process.

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Disrupting Leadership: Leadership and Values , Copenhagen FinTech Lab begivenhed

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