torsdag, 28. november 2019, Frederiksborggade 20B, AI Use Cases Happening in Business Today

fra 28. november 2019 - 17:00 indtil 19:00

Frederiksborggade 20B

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This event is for companies and anyone who as a commercial interest in AI. We cut through the hype and identify valid use cases of applied AI. Learn from core Danish tech companies, such as Forecast, Abzu, Hypefactors, Bilagscan, Corti, and Veo.
By attending this event, you will:
- Understand what problems AI can and cannot solve today
- Learn about the risks and opportunities of applied AI from people who have done it
- Get an idea of what AI tools are best for what kind of data
- Learn what questions to ask to verify that it’s really Applied AI
- Network with AI influencers and peers
Below you can find the detailed program of the event:
17:00 Quick intro to the Applied AI community in Denmark- we are all about democratizing Applied AI                                               Introduction by founder of Copenhagen CITY AI Christina Pamela Kreutzmann
17:05 Differences between AI and Machine Learning and why it matters (10 min)                                     Introduction by Co-founder and CEO of Forecast, Dennis Kayser 
17:15 8 Lessons Learned from Building an Applied AI Company (20 min)                                                     Introduction by Co-founder and CEO of Bilagscan, Dan Rose
17:35 Break (5 min) 
17:45 6 Cases of AI Applied in Business Today (45 min)                                                                                             Panel discussion with 6 founders from some of the most recognized AI startups in Denmark (Hypefactors, Abzu, Forecast, Corti, Bilagscan and Veo)
18:30 Q&A (15 min)
18:45 Networking and drinks

AI Use Cases Happening in Business Today, Frederiksborggade 20B begivenhed

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